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Sentella is inspired by Burning Man in the Nevada desert, we play in the sandbox that is imagination and creativity, and we invite you to join us!


Please read through Burning Mans’ Principles, they are the pillars that guide our experience

As we have learned and grown, our own additional principles have come to light;


Consent is the cornerstone of a healthy community. It’s simple; whether it is a potential sexual encounter, physical touch of any kind, something requiring permission that will radically alter the experience of another person, or involving the recording of someone’s image or voice, you are responsible for getting verbal consent before engaging. It is neither ethical nor acceptable to proceed without that person’s awareness and clear consent. Period.

Translation: Ask first.


All decisions, financials and other aspects of our community are public information. All participants are welcome to engage and contribute. We provide full disclosure on activities undertaken. We come together to create this event and others, and welcome questions, concerns, creative criticism, hand-raising and participation of all sorts and, from all.

Together we motivate, inspire and evolve our community.

Translation: We are in this together.

Necessary reading; Sentella Survival Guide

Past Events

  • Sentella 2021 – A New Perspective
  • Sentella 2020 – Rise!
  • Sentella 2019 – “Alice in Wonderland”
  • Sentella 2018 – Wings!
  • Sentella 2017 – Where is my Hammer?!?
  • Sentella 2016 – Ubuntu

Upcoming EventsSentella

2022 – 5-9 October 2022
-WeCreate | ReCreate-

Please read through last years Survival Guide for an idea on what to expect 🙂